Top 10 Things Freshmen Must Know About UCSB Sports


By Stephanie Pande Unigo Campus Rep at UCSB 10. “Athletes do a lot to give back to the school including raising money, supporting other teams’ games and community service.” –Brian Henderson, 2nd year Track Athlete. 9. Freshmen athletes are required to fulfill study hours weekly. 8. Club sports at UCSB are nationally ranked. 7. It is easy to excel in school and be on one or more Intramural teams. 6. You can participate in as many intramural teams as you have time and money for. 5. Watch out for flying tortillas at soccer games… 4. Gaucho Locos are…well…crazy. 3. We were voted rowdiest soccer fans in the nation. 2. We have an amazing soccer team! ¡Olé, olé, olé, olé, olé! 1. We don’t have a football team

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