Top 10 Things Freshmen Need to Know About FSU Sports


By Ashley Ross Unigo Campus Rep at Florida State University 1. Football dominates FSU. 2. Katie, a senior at FSU advises, “Wear only garnet and/or gold to every sporting event.” 3. Josh, a football player for FSU says, “Learn the FSU war chant and the tomahawk chop.” 4. FSU’s Marching Chiefs is the largest college marching band in the world. 5. FSU Track & Field won national championship titles in 2006, 2007 & 2008. 6. FSU has its own circus, and they’re good. 7. Steve, a junior at FSU recommends, “Eliminate any clothes from your wardrobe that have UF or Miami colors in them.” 8. There is no men’s soccer team at Florida State. 9. At FSU, tailgating is considered a competitive sport. 10. Football dominates FSU.

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