Top 10 Things Freshmen Should Know About Nova Sports


By Caroline Renzulli Unigo Campus Rep at Villanova 10.  Basketball is the only sport at Villanova Villanova has several NCAA D-I teams, club teams, intramural teams, you name it. But everyone knows basketball is the only thing that matters at Villanova. 9.  Jay Wright is the real president of the University The men’s basketball coach is probably the most recognized figure on campus, and probably holds more power than President Donohue. 8.  1985 shall come again The greatest story in Villanova history, the 1985 Wildcat’s defeated Patrick Ewing and Georgetown to become to the 1985 NCAA Champions in men’s basketball. 7. Villanova Basketball players are celebrities with Escalades, SideKicks, and the groupies to prove it. Villanova Basketball players don’t have much to complain about. 6. Whether you like it or not you are part of Nova Nation Nova Nation is Villanova’s group of dedicated fans, marked by t-shirts, painted blue faces, and ridiculous wigs. You can’t escape it, and before you know it, you’ll be the one in the t-shirt, with the blue face and the wig. 5. Learn the lyrics to “Hey Baby ( I want to know, if you’ll be my girl…)” “Hey, Hey baby. I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl.” You’ll have to know these lyrics if you want to fit in at the Villanova Basketball games. 4. Nova colors are blue and white, don’t wear your pink sweatshirt to the game While the book store sells sweatshirts in all colors and styles, do you really want to be the one on ESPN wearing a pink sweatshirt in a sea of blue and white? 3. Hate Georgetown above all else Friends don’t let friends go to Georgetown. 2.  No matter how much money you spend on your clothes, you will never look as good as Jay Wright Jay Wright is easily the most fashionable man on Villanova’s campus, in the NCAA, and maybe in the world. 1. “V for Villanova, V for Victory” The song you will hear at the end of every Villanova game, win or lose, with everyone waving their V’s in the air.

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