Top 3 Things NOT to Take to College


College can be a time for learning and growth, development and discovery. It’s the perfect opportunity to try new things and reach beyond your comfort zone. It can also, however, be a trying time with new challenges around every corner. If you hope to make the most of your time, and personal evolution, don’t hold yourself back from reaching your fullest potential by bringing any of these three things with you to college.
  1. A Closed-off Circle of Friends from High School

    Whether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend, closing off your relationships to only the people you knew from high school may inhibit you from seeking new relationships. Who you interact with in college can play a huge role in who you become, so limiting the people you connect with may also limit your personal development. Be sure to venture out and try new campus clubs and organizations on your own. Don’t be afraid to do things alone; there are thousands of other college students looking to expand their circle of friends, too! You don’t want to miss out on this integral college opportunity by clinging to the safety and comfort of your high school relationships. Plus, some of the new friendships you make in college can truly last a lifetime!
  2. Your Old Self

    When you go to college, you are granted the rare and magical opportunity to start over and become the person you want to be. Maybe in high school you wished you had participated more in class or that you didn’t procrastinate on big projects. College can allow you to be that new social, active, studious person. The college environment can give you the opportunity to establish new habits. You can still hold true to your core values, but take this opportunity to build stronger self-confidence and personal goals. Let go of those negative thoughts through the eyes of the old you, and let your actions redefine you.
  3. Your Expectations

    We’ve all seen the movies that portray college as an endless parade of parties, all-nighters, indiscriminate hookups, and cases of ramen. The truth is that college is what you make of it. By narrowly defining the college experience to what you see in the media or hear from your friends, you’re closing yourself off to available opportunities that don’t fall within these stereotypical bounds. Be open and prepared for an experience that is truly unique. Everyone’s time in college is different, so make it your own and not just what you see on TV.
When you arrive at college, don’t let your history weigh you down. This is the time for you to learn, grow, and explore without the burdens of the past. If you’re open to new experiences and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, your time spent in college can prepare you for a successful life — both personally and professionally.

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