Top 5 Study Apps for Finals


With finals in full swing, professors are piling on the work load. You barely have time to sleep, much less study enough for those dreaded end-of-year exams. Desperate for a secret weapon to combat that near-summer burnout? Here are five of the best study apps that are sure to have your back during finals week.

1. Forest

Having a hard time staying on task? Forest is one of the best app to help you stay focused and study to your little heart’s content. Right before you need to focus on a task, plant a seed in the Forest and set a time frame you wish to focus through. You can even earn rewards once you complete your focus session, which makes the app super addicting. But watch out–if you leave the app before your session is over, your tree will die! Price: $1.99 Devices: Android, iOS

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is a classic study app and my personal favorite. Trying to learn how to study in college? Through this app, you can create flashcards or study other users’ cards. You can even play matching games and quiz yourself on personalized tests. The study possibilities are endless! Price: free Devices: Android, iOS

3. Be Focused

Be Focused is a hidden study gem. You can schedule your study plans on this app to keep on your toes throughout finals week. It allows you to plan break times and durations, set timers, and track productivity. Price: free Devices: iOS

4. Evernote

Have you ever lost an important set of notes the night before an exam? Don’t worry—we’ve all been there. Try Evernote. Through this app you can scan your notes and upload them all to one spot. You can even attach pictures and take notes through Evernote itself. This app also offers to-do lists, reminders, a business card saver, and so much more to keep you organized in your studies—making this a best note taking app. Price: free Devices: Android, iOS

5. Swipes

If you’re looking for college apps and are a fan of Evernote, you will definitely love Swipes. This app offers a task management system that connects to your Gmail and Evernote. You can collect tasks and organize them into three tabs — Schedule, Current, and Done — to maximize productivity and help you ace finals. Price: free Devices: Android, iOS Now that you know all about these most useful apps, go rock those exams!
About the author
Haley JustizHaley is our 2016 Education Matters Scholarship winner. A lover of history, her hobbies include travel and cultural immersion. She also enjoys finance and looks forward to a career in business.

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