Top Ten Things a Freshman Must Know about Penn State Sports


By Samantha Pearson
Unigo Intern at PSU

10.  Football, anyone?

9.   We have great respect for all of our women’s sports, especially volleyball.

8.   After you graduate, you will not be able to help yourself from coming back, tailgating, and  screaming for the Nittany Lions. Everyone comes back.

7.   In the stands at any Penn State game, there is a cheering section complete with signs and personal chants, no matter their standing or opponent.

6.   It is not looked down on to be clad in only body paint, a blue Speedo, and blue and white wig.   We respect you for doing so.

5.   Joe knows football.

4.   Our mascot is the Nittany Lion, but we love our coach, Joe Paterno equally.

3.   If you do not go to a football game, you will watch the game on TV or at least know the score.

2.   Even if you do not like sports, you will like Penn State football.

1.   We are Penn State, and we are football!


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