What I Wish I Knew about FSU’s Reputation before Attending


By Justyn Hintze
Unigo Campus Rep at FSU 

I had always heard bits and pieces about Florida State being a party school but I never really paid attention or thought anything of it before I moved to Tallahassee. Upon moving to Tallahassee, I realized that it is true: there is always a party going on or else there are always people out on the strip, at a show, or a bar.

fsu partyIt’s funny because I will go visit a different city or state and when I tell people that I go to FSU, their first response is always an expression of “how cool!”  Or “you party a lot there, huh?” People are just excited by the idea of it—unless of course you get a University of Florida fan, who then will ask, “you couldn’t get into UF?” Well, just so my answer is clear, I didn’t apply and I love FSU!
Jonathan Stellman, FSU Senior: I wish I would have known how terrible FSU football fans are, and how easily they give up on their team.

Kat Bailey, FSU Senior: It’s not taken very seriously academically sometimes and that it is kind of seen as a bunch of athletes that lose.

Megan Goff, FSU Sophomore: I can’t think of anything, I’m sorry. I like FSU and I don’t have anything about the reputation that perturbs me.

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