6 gigs that are perfect for students


School should always come first, but money is a close second. Here are six gigs for high school and/or college students that could fill your wallet without draining your time.

1. Usher

On a student budget, entertainment can be one of the first things to go. But as a part-time usher, you can make money and be entertained! Working at a movie or live performance theater can offer benefits like free popcorn and soda, and free or discounted tickets. If you’re interested in ushering live performances, see if you can find work at your local or school theater.

2. Uber Eats

The best benefit of delivering with Uber Eats is flexibility – you choose how much you want to deliver and make your own schedule. Plus, you could get paid up to five times per day to a debit card with Instant Pay (terms apply), no waiting for a weekly or monthly paycheck. So if you have a car, scooter, or even bike in some cities, you should consider Uber Eats.

3. Pet care/dog walker

If you prefer pets to people, there’s plenty of opportunity for part-time work in animal care. You can volunteer at a shelter, groom pups at a dog spa, or advertise your services online as a pet sitter or dog walker. If you’re looking for flexible work walking dogs, try the app Wag! or Rover. It’s like registering to be an Uber driver, but for walking dogs.

4. Food truck vendor

Working at a food truck can be one of the most fast-paced and fun part-time jobs out there. Your workplace will move all over the city, so you get to see new people and places on every shift. And when you feel like serving food indoors, some have brick and mortar locations. Plus, you can usually get free meals, which can be more valuable than gold.

5. InternIntern

Internships are notorious for being unpaid, but not all of them. An online search for internships can yield many paying gigs. You can also visit your school’s career center for help finding paid or unpaid internships in your area. Internships look great on a resume and are an excellent way to kick-start your professional path.

6. Freelancer

Get ready to work! There are numerous part-time freelancing options to suit your skills and schedule. If you’re tech-savvy, check out some of the opportunities at Elance. Employers list freelance jobs worldwide and their needs range from app development to graphic design, and beyond. Freelance is all about independence, so just own your potential and run with it!

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