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Think Before Sending: E-mail etiquette tips

Email etiquette for the college student and grad.

How to avoid resume constipation

The hardest part of building your first résumé is getting it all down on paper.

Misconceptions About Networking

A lot of people avoid networking because they think of it as difficult, distasteful, or even a little sleazy. These objections may seem fair enough, but they’re based on several pernicious misconceptions about networking.

Creating a winning cover letter

A cover letter serves two important functions, says recruiter Emy Unger. It introduces and sells you. Putting your best foot forward means sending a thoughtful, distinct letter, so consider these nine tips.

Campus Recruiting and Interviewing

Recruiters wouldn’t bother coming unless they intended to fill their schedule with good candidates and to invite at least one and probably more to go to the next step—the on-site visit. If you obtain an on-campus interview, you’re in the advantage [...]

Office Etiquette for the Recent Grad

Take a second to revel in your success – you landed a coveted job right out of school and you’re ready to put that degree to use. Done reveling? Good. Now take a second and think about this: you’re in the real world now, and you can’t exactly act [...]

Get a Job: Our five favorite gigs for college students

Consistently keeping a few extra Andrew Jacksons in your wallet will require some work on your behalf. And by work, we mean an actual paying job.