10 Cheap College Halloween Costume Ideas


10 Cheap College Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy HalloweenRemember when your parents told you that you were too old for Halloween? Guess what – they were wrong! Sure, it may be weird if you go around knocking on doors begging for candy, but you are never too old to dress up. In fact, I’ve had a few college professors show up to lecture as the walking dead. Loved it! Halloween gives us all, young and old, an excuse to let loose and have some fun. It’s a day where you can be completely silly or find ways to terrorize your friends. Of course, I relish any opportunity to make people scream, so I spend weeks planning my costume and pranks. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer footing the bill for my so-called ‘party’ supplies, so I’ve had to get a little creative over the years. But the good news is there are tons of costume ideas that can be put together fairly quickly with little to no cost. Here are some that I have used over the years.


1. Doctor/Nurse

Most thrift stores have a ton of medical scrubs available for purchase. Pick out your favorite color, add a kid’s play stethoscope and wear some white sneakers to complete the look.


2. Nerd

I have used this creation several times. Find some suspenders, an old pair of plastic glasses (add tape to the nose piece) and a bowtie. Then, roll up the legs of your pants, wear a buttoned-down shirt (with a pocket) and slick back your hair to help channel your inner geek.


3. Bride/Groom

You would be amazed at how many wedding gowns and tuxedos can be found at the thrift store. Depending on what character you are portraying, you can go as an elegant bride, zombie bride or even a pregnant bride. The choices are endless!


4. Zombie

Find some clothes that are easy to tear. The darker colors seem to work best, as you’ll want to roll them in the dirt, spill ketchup on them (blood) and basically make them look disgusting. You can use mascara, eye shadow and powder to transform yourself into the walking dead.


5. Cowboy/Cowgirl

If you are looking for something easy and comfortable, go with a country look. Pick out a flannel or plaid shirt, a pair of jeans (shorts for girls), an old pair of boots and a hat. Unfortunately, dancing skills are not included.


6. Prom Queen

Hanging next to all those wedding gowns is a slew of prom dresses. Whether you want to reenact the scene from ‘Carrie’ or relive your high school prom, you’ll find everything you need at the thrift store.


7. Shower

Grab an old umbrella and gold (or silver) foil streamers to create a portable shower. Wear a bathing suit or nude colored bodysuit to make the costume more realistic.


8. Jelly Bean Bag

Super easy and fun! Get a large gift bag and balloons from the dollar store. Cut holes for your legs and step into the bag. Blow up several colored balloons (not too much!) and stuff them in the bag with you. Take a piece of rope and tie your bag closed.


9. Chick Magnet

You could spend over $25 to purchase a ready-made version, but there’s a cheaper alternative. Use either a thick red (or black) scarf or cut out a large ‘U’ using poster board. Attach small rubber ducks (or cut outs) to the magnet form.


10. Loofah

Head to Walmart or your nearest fabric store to purchase some cheap tulle. I prefer to use a colored version for more pep, but white will work, too. Simply bunch it up and sew on to an old t-shirt. Take a small amount of rope, form a loop and add to the front of your costume. This is a great sidekick for someone dressed as a shower.


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