Get a Job: On-Campus Careers


We have all heard the phrase ‘starving student’ muttered once or twice when describing life at college. But for many, holding down a full-time course load is considered a job, so trying to squeeze in anything else may seem impossible. But what do you do when you find your pockets are empty and your parents’ piggy bank is tapped out? Consider an on-campus job! On-campus jobs are great for a variety of reasons. One, they typically offer much more flexibility than jobs off-campus. The departments offering positions usually understand that you are a student and are often more than willing to work around your academic schedule. This is often not the case if you take a position away from campus. Secondly, many on-campus jobs revolve around the semester or academic year, so you don’t have to worry about asking for time off during Spring Break, holidays or the summer. Many campus jobs even allow for time off during mid-terms and finals, ensuring that your academic life does not suffer as a result of working too many hours. Another perk for taking a job on-campus is that you’ll probably spend less on gas. If you live on-campus, you won’t have to deal with off-campus jobs requiring parking permits or paying for gas. If you live off-campus, you can make your schedule around your classes, thereby reducing the need to make additional trips to campus for work. Another great reason for considering an on-campus job is the variety of positions available to students; there tends to be something for everyone!  The pay is often commensurate with off-campus positions, as well, usually paying somewhere between minimum wage and $12.00 an hour.  Just look at some of the positions currently being offered at various U.S. colleges: Campus Jobs: Feeding Research Rats Ohio State University offers numerous positions for students, including a research assistant job that pays $8.00 an hour to feed and weigh mice; OSU also has a sports-management internship with the Big Ten Network during the football and basketball seasons. You actually get paid to go to games and talk about it on Facebook and Twitter! Want something a little more laid back? Williams & Mary College offers an Intramural Flag Football official position working 6-10 hours a week. This type of job is a great way to meet new friends, too (well…those from the winning team will probably like you…). On-campus jobs can also be a great way to gain experience for your degree path. Students with an interest in journalism or media can work for their campus papers or television stations, similar to the News Director position currently offered at the University of North Florida. Those interested in an education degree can usually find openings for teaching assistants, as well. Other positions you may find on your campus include: library assistant, administrative/clerical, parking assistant, concessions and dining aide. The possibilities are endless. So, if you find that your pockets are lined with lint and your checkbook balance is looking bleak, consider looking into an on-campus job to help earn a little green during the semester. You’ll not only have some extra spending cash, but you’ll also be helping to build your resume. Does your school offer some unique on-campus jobs? Be sure to let others know by posting a review of your college on You might just win a $2,500 scholarship for completing a review and submitting a simple scholarship application!  

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