How flashing saved me money in college


When I was in college, I was queen of the freebies. I knew when and where every campus club was meeting and which ones provided free food and drinks for attending. I also attended tons of campus events because they were notorious for free giveaways as well. It was easy to get two or three free meals a week by simply knowing where to go on campus; you just had to sit through a few boring lectures every now and then. But what I did not realize (until my junior year) was that I could have saved myself the torture. Many businesses near college campuses offer great discounts and even free food for simply flashing your student I.D. card. Here are just a few of the many discounts that may be available in your area.



► Charlotte Russe (not published) gives you a 10% discount on regular-priced merchandise.

► Banana Republic and Eddie Bauer (not published) both offer a 15% discount on purchases of regular-priced merchandise.

► Ann Taylor will take 20% off any full-price merchandise purchased in the store.


► Your college I.D. can get you a 75% discount on the Wall Street Journal (print, online or mobile).

► Adobe offers several great deals on software packages, including CS6 ($950 in savings) and Photoshop ($750 in savings).

► If you need a new computer, be sure to check out Apple and Dell for reduced prices.


► Need a break on car insurance? Check out the deals offered through Allstate and GEICO.

► General Motors (GM) will discount your new car purchase, saving you anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars off a new vehicle.

► You can receive a $500 discount on any new 2011-2013 Ford vehicle. The discount can be used with other incentives programs, too.


► Are you looking to take a trip over the holidays? Be sure to check out the student offers from American Airlines.

► If flying isn’t your thing, AMTRAK offers some great prices too, as well as a Student Advantage Card that can get you even more discounts on everything from food to fun!

► Greyhound gives you a 20% discount on unrestricted walk-up fares (requires the Student Advantage Card).


Many fast-food chains offer small student discounts, but most are unpublished. Since most restaurants are independently owned, it’s important to ask your local chain what discounts may be valid in your area. You can also locate available discounts by using a service like or Student Savings Club (both service limited areas). Here are a few national offers that may be available at your local eatery.

► McDonald’s, Burger King and Arby’s all offer a 10% discount for flashing your student I.D. (at participating locations only).

► If you are craving pizza, contact your local Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Domino’s to see what discounts may be available (typically 10% – 20%).

► For those late night munchies, head over to Waffle House for a 10% discount.

It never hurts to ask restaurants and businesses near your campus if they offer a discount for current students, since many do not advertise these price breaks. Local movie theatres and other entertainment venues may also offer special rates for students. Be sure to ask about group discounts too, especially when checking out travel packages for the upcoming holidays or spring break. You may be surprised at all the money you can save by simply having a college I.D. card. So speak up, flash your card, and reap the rewards!

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