Sizzling summer ideas for college students


Now that the spring semester has ended and the weather is heating up, college students across the country are contemplating how they will be spending their summer break. Should they stay on campus and take classes, or should they head back home and enjoy some pampering from their parents? Wherever they decide to roost over the next few months, one thing is for certain, it’s time to have a little fun; after nine months of classes and exams, even the biggest book worms could benefit from a change of pace. We realize that many students can’t afford to jet off to Europe or dedicate their time to some tribe in Africa or South America, so we’ve compiled a list of sizzling summer activities that are closer to home, and still within reach of most budgets. Here are just a few ideas on how students can enjoy their free time over the next few months.

1. Take a Road Trip

Students don’t have to own a car to enjoy this activity. Instead, they can hop on a bus or explore our great nation by train. Personally, I prefer both of these modes over driving my own vehicle because I can sleep and eat while someone else does the driving! It’s also a great way for students to meet new people and have an unexpected adventure. For those who are photojournalism majors, this type of trip could also provide ample material for a future course or project. Students can map out their destinations, or just get on and enjoy the ride!

2. Start a New Hobby

The summer is an excellent time for students to try something new. It can be something simple as learning to paint or dance, or more complicated, such as building a website. Other ideas include: writing a book, learning to cook, or making jewelry. If students find they are good at something, it may even translate into a possible way to earn extra cash. Local farmer’s markets and festivals are a great place to sell handmade items or showcase talent.

3. Volunteer

Students may be surprised to find that volunteer work can be very rewarding. Not only can they learn new skills, but there are networking opportunities and some may even have the chance to travel. Students can contact their local charitable groups, American Red Cross, or use one of the several online databases to research available opportunities. Giving back can sometimes lead to scholarship opportunities, too.

4. Become a Camp Counselor

Summer camps are a great way for students to get away and earn some cash. There are camps located in all 50 states and even onboard cruise ships! Although many camps feature the average outdoor experience (swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, etc.), there are some that target specific skill sets, such as sailing or theatre camps. Even technology geeks can find something to keep them occupied over the next few months.

5. Get a Job

Some students may not have the luxury of just kicking back over the summer semester, but that doesn’t mean that can’t have some fun while earning some cold cash. Several industries target college students for summer positions, including:

• Resorts and Hotels

• National Parks

• Theme Parks

• Child Care Centers

• Movie Theaters

For those who need a bit more flexibility, we suggest tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit. Students can start a delivery service, offer tutoring assistance, offer pet-sitting or house-sitting services, and more. It just takes a little creativity and a can-do attitude.

The summer may be a great time to relax and recharge, but students should start looking ahead to the fall semester. Now is a great time for students to work on scholarship applications and start researching other ways to reduce the cost of college. There’s no reason why students can’t get an awesome tan and earn a little college cash at the same time.

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