Trolling for scholarships


Don’t you just hate Internet trolls? They make snide comments and start arguments just to get a rise out of people, like an annoying younger brother. But, in some cases, trolling can actually be a good thing. Maybe not in the common use of the word, but in the more literal sense — as in fishing for something, like scholarships! Just like fishing, searching for scholarships takes patience and the right bait. You also need to know where to look and when to try your luck. If this is your first time trolling, no worries — we’re happy to show you some of our favorite places to land those ever-elusive scholarships.

Local gems

You probably already know to check with your guidance counselor to see what scholarships may be available for students in your area (less competition!), but have you thought about trolling other high school guidance counselor webpages, too? Some are better than others, which means you could come across a secret little gem that even your own counselor hasn’t found. Other great local resources include: TV and radio stations, businesses, your church, local civic and charitable organizations, clubs, and your parents’ employers.

College websites

Did you know that many colleges actually host a listing of available outside scholarships on their financial aid webpages? And, these scholarships are not limited to just the students attending the school. Some of our favorites include: Texas A & M, Brandeis University (updated regularly), the University of San Diego, and Calhoun Community College. Troll a few other colleges to see what you can find.

Social media

One of the most overlooked areas for trolling scholarships is social media. You can follow just a few key people or pages and have a steady stream of scholarships ready to reel in. If you’re on Twitter, follow @SuzanneShaffer and @Admissions411, or search the hashtags #scholarships and #CollegeCash. Monica Matthews is another one of our favorite peeps. You can find her on Twitter (@AidAcholarship) and Facebook. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest scholarship board (over 1400 pins!) and Tumblr page. You can also find a great listing of available scholarships on Reddit. One of the best times to start trolling for scholarships is right now. Spring offers a plethora of scholarship opportunities (like our Unigo $10,000 Scholarship!), all with upcoming deadlines just in time to help you pay many of those incoming college bills. If you’re looking for another great place to try your luck, cast your line into our scholarship pool. With over 2 million scholarships available, you’re bound to catch something good!

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