Financial Aid

When in debt …

Paying for school: types of federal financial aid

Take a look at the difference between private and federal student loans so you can make the best choice when financing your education.

What to do when you have a funding gap

Of all the challenges faced by college students, finding a way to pay for a college education may be the most daunting. If your financial aid award isn’t enough to cover your college costs, here are some ways to fund the gap.

Jobs that pay for college

These jobs don’t just help you pay for college, they set you up for career success.

Financial aid flowchart: a guide for students paying for college

Not sure how to pay for college? Figure out your best options with this easy interactive flowchart.

Are you FAFSA ready?

By Tamara KrauseGetting ready to go to college next year? If so, the FAFSA (otherwise known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) should be your new best friend. Why? This single form is your golden ticket to free money for college, l [...]

5 FAFSA secrets for getting the most financial aid

Squeeze the most money out of the FAFSA with these five secrets.

Food for thought

Did you purchase a meal plan at school this year? Bet you still had a few swipes left at the end of the semester. Instead of making lots of extra trips for snacks, ice cream and second helpings, why not find a better use for those unused credits? [...]