5 Little-Known Tips for College


We here at Unigo provide you with some of the best advice out there on where you should be going to college by directing you to reviews written by actual students. There isn’t anybody better suited to give you their opinion on a specific institution. But, there are still a few things we think you should know that haven’t been covered by our esteemed college contributors. In no particular order, here are 5 such suggestions that you probably haven’t heard much of yet. #5: Make sure to pack sandals, flip flops, or any sort of footwear that you won’t mind getting wet. Some of the dorm bathrooms have fungi on the ground that will make your toes look like raw hamburger. #4: Even if you’re not gergarious, make friends with the people on your floor. Having a cohort on your floor will help you with borrowing DVDs, finding out where parties are going on, and anything else that happens to be traveling through the grapevine. Seriously, get to know these people. You won’t regret it; unless, that is, they’re terrible people. Then you might regret it, but at least you’ll get to borrow their DVD’s and CD’s. #3: Never schedule an early morning class during your first year. This one should be self-explanatory. #2: Go to your college’s career center early and often. The single biggest difficulty faced by many college students is their inability to find a job when it’s all over (especially now). The people at the career center make their living trying to hook you up with internships and work-study programs. Don’t lose out. #1: Make sure you know where the good food is. College dining is severely limited in most, if not all, situations. Check out the local eateries. Also, wait before you convince your parents to sign you up for the umlimited card in the cafeteria. You’ll be swiping meals for dollars in no time, and lamenting the 2nd straight week of oven pizza. Trust me.

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