Beyond Tuition: Managing your college expenses


Congratulations, you’ve decided to go to college! You’ve dealt with the applications. You’ve applied for financial aid. Now, how are you going to pay for everything else?

The roof over your head and the food on your plate. Your trips to the dentist. Your trip abroad. Your credit card. Your first job-interview suit. It’s about to be the biggest investment of your life, and you’ve barely broken in your driver’s license. Um…help??

We’ve been there, and we know it isn’t easy, so we’ve chronicled our best money tips, tricks, and advice on everything from how to afford shampoo to how to have enough left over to fund your plane ticket home. Whether you’re just looking for some extra pocket change or a way to afford for your room and board, we’ve put together the best ideas for students on every kind of budget.

So get ready to scrimp, save, and have a great time at the college of your dreams.

Plan Ahead
Mind Over Money: Getting your college budget together
The Hidden Costs of College 

Shop Right
Thrifty Shopping: Where to buy what you need
Delicious, Nutritious, and Cheap: Healthy food you can afford
Getting More for Less in College 

Econ 101: Be Money Smart
Getting Cash for College
Building Good Credit
Students’ Top Money-Saving Tips 

Get the Most Out of Your Tuition Dollars
Finding Free Stuff on Campus
How to Squeeze Cash Out of Your School
Study Abroad: Travel on the cheap
How to Afford Your Room and Board
Taking Care of Yourself: Health care on campus 

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