Students' Top Money-Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips for College

By Jessica Gross

College living isn’t cheap—and we don’t just mean tuition. Textbooks for class, snacks for late-night studying, and theme party costumes don’t grow on trees. What’s a college student to do when times are tough?

Not to worry: there are plenty of ways to keep your wallet thick. It’s a matter of how far you’re willing to go—but we hear that dumpster diving is totally worth it.

How will you survive the recession with bills to spare?

Mackenzie Luzzi interviews a Princeton University student who’s a freegan: he lives off other people’s trash. Apparently, the dumpster holds many treasures:


To save money at the University of Missouri, Becky May tries out some new strategies. How few squares of toilet paper can she use?


UNC Chapel Hill’s Megan Gill reveals the best way to smuggle cereal out of the dining hall:


How to get clothes, cigarettes, and liquor on the cheap at Beloit College, by William Dunder

The perks of inviting the parents to visit at Wake Forest, by Kevin Duck

Pitzer College students describe how they're managing in an economic downturn, by Janet Alexander

How to barter for drinks at Colgate University, by Kate Archer

Tips and tricks to help you save money for the more important things in life at the University of Georgia, by Staci Dale

Finding cheap groceries at the University of Illinois at Springfield, by Karen Nickerson

How to get free beer and inexpensive ways to do spring break at SUNY Purchase, by Alex Rossin

Tips for saving money at Penn State University, by Brittany Trott

The economy’s impact on student life, low-cost spring break options, and surviving the economy on a college budget at Rowan University, by Kim Ciesla

Saving money, but keeping the college spirit alive at Franklin and Marshall College, by Alex Gao

The recession’s effect on student life and how to save money at Villanova University, by Lauren PIro

Tips for saving money at Texas State University, by Dalida Umuhire

How UNC-Chapel Hill students are dealing with the recession, by Megan Gill

The economy’s effect on student life at the University of Illinois at Springfield, by Karen Nickerson

Tips for staying frugal at Frostburg, by Lauren Miller

Saving money in the dorms and on spring break at Michigan State University, by Timothy Schaefer

Penny pinching on campus and how the recession has affected college life at Reed, by Emily Kirkpatrick

Desperate cost-cutting measures at Wabash College, by Adam Phipps

An unorthodox way of making money, a bogus campus job, and affordable spring break trips at Bowdoin College, by Abbie Mitchell

Saving money and the effects of the recession at the School of Visual Arts, by Michael McIntosh

How the economy has affected Lafayette students’ college experiences, by Alex Wonnell

Tips on saving money at Florida State University, by Ashley Ross

Penny pinching at Ohio State, by Zack Meisel

Saving money at school and on spring break at the University of Pittsburgh, by Adam Peniazek

Money management at the University of Texas, by Emilee Wuebben

Money-saving tricks, special discounts, and work-study at Emory University, by Deborah Plotsky and Abby Schwamm

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