15 Minutes Could Save You $500 for College


Now that school is out and you have more free time on your hands, consider setting aside a few minutes each day to work on college scholarships. I’m not talking about an hour or two, just fifteen minutes a day. Heck, you probably spend more time than that fixing your breakfast every morning. You may not think that such a short span of time could ever result in winning any scholarships, but it really can help your build your college nest egg. There are several scholarship programs that are fun and easy to enter. Most require a short essay of 250 words or less, which is basically a long paragraph, but some scholarships require no work at all. You simply complete the online application and throw your name into the pool for a chance to win some college cash. Of course, the more scholarships you complete the more chances you’ll have to win. Here are a few scholarships to get you started.

1. #ROCKtheSAT Scholarship

Are you a high school junior? Check out this free tool from Testive to help you prepare for the SAT. Every day you log into your account, you’ll earn another entry for the monthly $500 scholarship prize. Next Deadline: June 15.

easy money2. GotChosen $20k Give Away

Each quarter, GotChosen gives away a $20,000 scholarship to students 18 years of age and older. To enter, you simply need to register for a free account. Next Deadline: June 30.

3. “Win Free College Tuition” Sweepstakes

Are you a high school sophomore or older? You can enter this $10,000 scholarship contest by completing the online entry form or sending in your contact information on a 3” x 5” card. One winner will be chosen at random each year. Next Deadline: June 30.

4. Me-2U Scholarship

This easy-to-enter scholarship is worth $2,500, which equates to about $167 a minute for your time. Simply complete the online form or submit a postcard with your information for a chance to be the next winner. You must be 13 years of age or older to apply. Next Deadline: June 30.

5. $5,000 CampusDiscovery Scholarship

If you are a current college student, or you have recently graduated from college, complete this short survey for a chance to win $5,000. There is one winner every quarter, and the next one could be you! Next Deadline: June 30.

6. $10,000 +U Scholarship

It may be hard to believe, but +U is giving away five $10,000 scholarships to students 14 years and older for simply writing a 50-word response to its scholarship prompt, “How do you picture your success?” That’s like getting paid $667 a minute! Next Deadline: June 30.

simple scholarships7. ScholarshipExperts.com Monthly Scholarships

If you haven’t checked out these scholarships yet, you’re missing out on some serious money for college. Every month, ScholarshipExperts features a new scholarship that requires a 250-word essay or less to win. The prompts are fun and entertaining. For example, “Which ice cream flavor best describes you?” or “What five items would you use to survive a zombie apocalypse?” Awards range in value from $1,500 to $5,000, so they’re all worth your time. Next Deadline: June 30. Fifteen minutes could really save you $500 or more for college. Yes, some of these programs require a little luck to win, but that doesn’t mean the next winner can’t be you. For a minimal amount of time and effort, you could start to make a serious dent in your college expenses. So, stop making excuses and start applying!

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