15 Sizzling Summer Scholarships


My mother used to tell me that time went by faster as you got older, and I’m beginning to believe her. It just doesn’t seem possible that the school year is over already. Where did the time go? I’m sure high school seniors can relate. It was just a few weeks ago that most of them were trying to decide where to go to college this fall, and now they’re scrambling to find money to pay for their tuition and other fees. Luckily, there are still plenty of scholarships and contests open that can help students earn some college cash, whether they are attending school in a few months or a few years. Here are just some of the sizzling summer scholarships waiting to be won!

1. Hungry to Lead Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship is open to undergraduate students pursuing careers in the food-service or hospitality industry. One scholarship is offered annually. Deadline: June 1.

2. Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship

Each year, twenty $1,000 scholarships are provided through this program. Students who plan to enroll in a cosmetology program by August are eligible to apply. Deadline: June 1.

3. Children Impacted By Crime Scholarship Fund

College MoneyWriteaprisoner.com sponsors this scholarship for students who have been impacted by crime. A total of four $250 scholarships will be awarded. Deadline: June 1.

4. Liljegren Law Group Military Family Scholarship

Military personnel, veterans, or dependants of military members may be eligible for this $500 scholarship. Two awards are offered annually. Deadline: June 5.

5. Old School Value Investor Scholarship

Students who are majoring in business or finance may be eligible for this $500 scholarship. One award is offered annually. Deadline: June 5.

6. Infographic Scholarship

SatelliteTV.com provides one $1,000 scholarship to current college students who have grade point averages of 2.5 or higher. Deadline: June 7.

7. FFRF College Essay Competition

This essay contest is open to undergraduate students (24 years old or younger) who consider themselves to be freethinkers or atheists. Prizes vary from $200 to $3,000 in value. Deadline: June 15.

8. Communications Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Optimist International hosts this scholarship competition for students (grade 12 or younger) who have a hearing loss of 40 decibels or greater. A number of awards are offered annually, ranging in value from $500 to $2,500 each. Deadline: June 15.

College Scholarships9. Taylor Gifts Academic Scholarship

High school seniors and undergraduate students may compete for this $1,000 scholarship. One award will be offered annually. Deadline: June 15.

10. Internet and Education Scholarship

All Home Connections provides two $1,000 scholarships annually through this program. High school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students may apply. Deadline: June 22.

11. Florida Debt Fighters Debt-Con(test)

Disparti Fowkes & Hasanbasic sponsors this art contest for students 18 years old and older. Two $1,000 scholarships are available. Deadline: June 30.

12. Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship

High school and college students may apply for this scholarship. A total of two $1,500 awards are provided annually. Deadline: June 30.

13. CampusDiscovery.com Scholarship

Current college students and recent grads are eligible to apply for this $5,000 scholarship. One scholarship is offered every quarter. Next Deadline: June 30.

14. $10,000 +U Scholarship

Each quarter, a total of five students (14 years or older) will each receive a $10,000 scholarship. This quarter, students need to submit a 50-word response to the posted prompt for a chance to win. Next Deadline: June 30.

Do-Over Scholarship15. Do-Over Scholarship

Students, 13 years of age and older, have a chance to win a $1,500 scholarship by writing a short essay (250 words or less) about an incident or event from their past that they would like to change. One award is offered annually. Deadline: June 30.

It’s Never Too Late for Scholarships

Start the scholarship process as early as possible, as this will give you more opportunities to win awards. That doesn’t mean someone who’s late to the game has to sit on the bench. There are scholarship programs available throughout the year, so even students who have already started college can find programs to help reduce their overall expenses. It’s honestly never too late to apply for scholarships!

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