2018 Unigo $10K Scholarship winner and tips


We are super excited to announce the winner of the 2018 Unigo $10K Scholarship. The question was, “Imagine a historical figure is brought back to life. Who is it? What’s their favorite mobile app?” (250 words or less). Check out Miracle’s winning entry and scholarship tips.

Winning scholarship entry

Slowly opening my eyes, as the sunlight temporarily blinds me, I notice the place I once called home changed from the past. Not only that, but I had the strangest device in my hand that glowed with some type of magic. I somehow turned it on, which showed a game called Cross Switch. I quickly fell in love with this device as I had stitch up over 50 pictures. Though confusion sets in, wondering what could have caused my return to a strange point in time. I didn’t have much time to ponder on that thought, as I set my eyes on a large building. It was larger than anything I have ever laid my eyes on. Because I needed answers to filled this void, I venture into the building. I glanced at the old war coats from my time before I notice a large statue of a person; I didn’t recognize this man, until I read the inscription: George Washington. I smiled at the familiar name, the only thing that makes sense here. Leaving Washington behind, I stopped in my tracks as I stared, eyes wide open, at a flag. The same flag that had the 13 five pointed stars, with the stripes. I almost teared up; my work from a humble seamstress is being notice for the world to see. I knew then that the miracles of God had wanted me to see this, as a single tear fell down my face. I am Betsy Ross.

Scholarship tips from our winner

Miracle A.

A tip to win any scholarship is to forget who you’re competing against since that can throw your mojo off completely, and just to focus on the story that you want the world to read. The scholarship would become, not a homework assignment, but a commitment to express your best interest to a larger community.


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