2018 Unigo Sweet and Simple Scholarship winner and tips


We are very excited to announce the winner of the 2018 Unigo Sweet and Simple Scholarship. The question was, “Think back to a time when you received a special gift that seemed so unassuming yet made such a strong impact in your life. Was it a present you could open in a box or a humble gesture from a stranger?” Check out Chole’s winning entry and scholarship tips.

Winning scholarship entry

In the dim, yellow light of my closet, my father sits on the floor, C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia open in his lap. He begins to read, his voice conjuring up images of witches and lions that seem to dance around the room. His deep voice is as steady as a drum as he recounts stories of far off places and fantastic creatures until my eyes begin to grow heavy, the dancing apparitions fading as the night grows late.

Every night my father read me to sleep. Every night, regardless of how exhausted he was from working multiple jobs to provide for his family or his frequent migraines. Regardless of his own wants or the million other things he needed to do, my father took time at the end of the day to be with me. To some, this may seem like something every father does. To me, it is so much more.

The stories my father read to me each night gave me a passion for reading. The sagas he told fostered in me a love for fantasy and adventure. He taught me how to live my life as if I am the heroine of an epic tale, to take chances and be brave like the characters that came to life in my room each night. His bedtime stories taught me how to dream with my eyes open, and that has been the greatest gift.

Scholarship tips from our winner

Applying for scholarships takes time and dedication. You are not going to win every one you apply to, so keep looking for new ones that you are eligible for and don’t get discouraged.

I would also suggest spending some real time and effort on your entries. Try to make them unique to you, and include things that will make you stand out from the crowd! 


Last day to enter is October 31st!
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