2021 Unigo College Review Scholarship Winter Winner

Unigo is thrilled announce our College Review Scholarship Winter winner. We had 1,698 applicants and we are so happy for everyone’s interest. Our scholarship committee enjoyed reading every story about your college experiences. So we thank all who applied!

The essay asked “Love your college? Hate it? Meh? Review your college for a chance to win our College Review scholarship”

Micah Lamour Hagood from Wentzville, MO and a student at The Academy of Art University had the winning answer. He joins our list of Unigo scholarship winners and we couldn’t be prouder.

Read his college review on The Academy of Art University.

Winning Scholarship Entry – The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Academy of Art University helps provide an environment where we can study and learn even offsite with their online semesters. Not only that, it helps to remove and accelerate the knowledge of different subjects through practice. It allows students to seek out their interests going through the trial and error that it takes and learn from those who have come before to teach them those experiences. They pass down their knowledge that can go beyond just learning to help you grow by developing patience, trouble solving skills, and even find ways to help you learn better or teach others who may have similar ideas or interests. I enjoy education because it has helped me understand what I want to do in life, where my interests are, and helped me save time and the headache of trying multiple trials. What education can provide is more than just that; however, it also facilitates development progression.  Furthermore, I have learned a great deal. I have experienced so much during my time attending that I would recommend this College to anyone considering furthering their education. I feel that AUU stands by its goal of teaching real jobs skills and helping develop them for future careers.

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