Secure Athletic Scholarships to Pay for School


Your athleticism could score you money to pay for school! That’s exciting, isn’t it? By excelling at your sport and devoting yourself to it for the next several years, you could reduce or eliminate your need for student loans or to work to pay for college. Essentially, maintaining and building your athletic prowess and skill would be your job.

As a college athlete dependent on scholarships, your job will be not only to maintain your skills on the court or field, but also to keep your grades high. That college athletes can get by on muscle and athletic grit alone is just a myth, and one you’ll need to buck to maintain your scholarship competitiveness.

Open Your Eyes and Use Your Voice to Find Scholarships

To find athletic scholarships, talk to your coaches, reach out to local organizations, and discuss scholarship opportunities with the colleges of your choice. You can also use our site to explore athletic scholarships broadly or by specific sport. Here you’ll find a range of scholarships of various amounts and offered by a variety of entities, such as corporations (such as Foot Locker and Nike), foundations (such as nonprofits, religious foundations, and others), legacy and memorial foundations, and sports associations (such as golf, tennis, or fencing associations).

Securing Scholarships Is a Competitive Sport

The competition is fierce for securing scholarships to pay for school. Therefore, it’s important that you apply for as many scholarships as possible. If you play one sport, focus your efforts entirely on scholarships large and small in that area. If you play multiple sports and are willing to play any one of them at college, broaden your search to include all your sports of interest. Doing so of course expands your options and therefore the possibility that you’ll be awarded money.

What Sports Might Be Eligible for Scholarship Money?

There’s a wide range of scholarships available to men and women across sports. Do you play one or more of the following sports? If so, you’re in luck, and you can begin your search for your sport’s scholarships right here:

Even if you don’t see your sport on this list or on our site, do research to discover what’s available elsewhere.

Playing sports at the college level can be an amazing way to pay for school, find incentive to do well in class, and develop friendships with other students. Begin your journey here to pave the road to academic, financial, and competitive success!

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