Become a Woman of Achievement


September is Women of Achievement month. It’s time to pause and think about all the amazing women that have helped to change and shape the world: Marie Curry, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart and more. Because these women were educated and passionate about life, they were able to make important contributions during their lifetimes. It’s also time to stop and think about how we can encourage those around us to become Women of Achievement in today’s society…and it typically begins with education. Despite the pressures and demands that women regularly juggle with work and families, women are finding time to attend college and expand their knowledge. Pursuing a post-secondary degree in addition to meeting the demands of a career while raising a family might seem impossible, but trust us, the rewards of a college education far outweigh the sacrifices one will make for a few short years. Many women mistakenly think that scholarships are only available to high school students, or those who have recently graduated, but that is incorrect. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to learn a new skill, a secretary who wants to run her own business or someone who just wants to be all she can be, there could be a scholarship program available for you. Some scholarship programs, like the Women’s Opportunity Awards Program, are specifically configured to help women who are going back to school as adults to try to obtain their dreams. You just have to put in some time and effort to apply. So, what are you waiting for? Search for scholarships that will help you pay for college at…a future full of achievement may just be a click away!

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