Celebrate ‘Do Nothing Day’ With These Easy Scholarships


Did you know that January 16 is National Do Nothing Day? The day was first proposed in 1972 by Harold Pullman Coffin, a columnist, and is meant to provide a day where we don’t celebrate, honor, or observe anything. Unfortunately, every seven years it winds up coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so there goes that idea. Besides, aren’t we completely usurping the point of the day by making it a nationally recognized day? In any case, if you’d like to ‘un-celebrate’ Do Nothing Day, I have a few scholarships that require very little work or nothing at all to enter. Who Knows? Your total lack of effort could be rewarded with some sweet college cash.

1. A GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship

Cappex offers a $1,000 scholarship every month to current high school and college students. Simply complete the short online application for your chance to win.

2. No Essay Scholarship

Tired of writing those long, boring essays? Apply for this $2,000 scholarship from NICHE (formerly College Prowler).  There’s a new winner every month, and you can keep applying until you win.

Stress-Free Scholarships
3. ScholarshipPoints

Do you spend your free time on the Internet? Why not earn points for scholarship drawings while you are playing online games, commenting on posts, or watching videos? No application or essay is required, and you could win up to $10,000 for college.

4. Chegg Monthly Scholarship

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply answer the new scholarship question each month with a short, three-sentence response and you could score $1,000.

5. ‘Go Ennounce Yourself’ Scholarship

Do you like to share your good news with friends and family? Create an account and post one thing each month for a chance to win a $500 scholarship. Easy peasy!

6. Advice to Your High School Self Scholarship

If you’re a current college student or recent graduate, submit a review of your college and share your worldly advice for a chance to win $2,500.

7.  EDvestinU™ National Monthly Scholarship Giveaway

Three lucky college students will each win a $1,000 scholarship through this random drawing. Just be sure to submit a new entry form each month.

College Money
8. You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam

Do you love poetry? Are you under 25? Submit your original work and you could earn $1,000 for college. Deadline: January 31.

9. Pursue Your Passion Scholarship

This scholarship application takes less than five minutes to complete. Just submit an essay (100 words or less) explaining why you are passionate about learning. One winner every month will receive $1,000.

10. Unigo Easy Scholarships

Every month, ScholarshipExperts.com offers a fun and easy essay scholarship (250 words or less) to U.S. students who are 13 years and older. Prizes range in value from $1,500 to $5,000 each.

Just remember that scholarships that require little to no effort typically have thousands of people applying to them. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply, but you should be realistic in your expectations. A smart student will not only apply for the ‘easy’ scholarships, but also those that are more targeted to his/her needs and skills.

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