How to Secure a Company Scholarship


Local, national, and multinational companies often dedicate a portion of their income to helping college students earn their degrees. Whether directly or through a foundation, companies often fund degrees in areas of social, economic, or philanthropic interest to them or their shareholders. Their interest, of course, is in supporting future leaders and professionals who want to make a difference in ways relevant to them. Therefore, browse this collection of scholarships to see if your dreams match theirs.

What Kinds of Companies Offer Scholarships to Students?

Companies from across industries and the globe offer small, medium, and large scholarships to students who demonstrate strong academic promise. Some examples of industries and types of companies that promote higher education include:

  • Banks
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Medical companies
  • Technology companies
  • Athletic companies
  • Legal companies
  • Cellphone providers
  • Service providers

These are just some of many. To get a full sense of what companies offer scholarships, set up your UNIGO account and browse our numerous pages of company scholarships.

What Do I Have to Do to Secure a Company Scholarship?

This depends on the company and scholarship. They may ask you to write an essay, create and submit a design proposal, submit an original video, or any number of other things. In addition, you’ll have to meet the sponsoring company’s requirements, such as:

  • Having a strong academic record
  • Attending either undergraduate or graduate school
  • Pursuing a particular major
  • Intending to work in a certain profession
  • Playing a certain sport or participating in a particular extracurricular activity while in school

Requirements like these and others should help you narrow your scope to the scholarships opportunities most relevant to you.

Just Like Capitalism, Applying for Scholarships Is Competitive

Just as companies must compete in the local, national, or global market, you must compete for scholarships, sometimes amongst hundreds or thousands of other candidates. Therefore, it’s important that you:

  • Create an original, unique, and interesting essay, video, or other required application component
  • Highlight your strengths as a student historically
  • Demonstrate your potential as a student
  • Apply for lots and lots and lots of scholarships (really—apply for lots of them!)

Applying for a scholarship is a bit like buying a lottery ticket (only with a bit more hope of winning, thank goodness!). The point is that if you want to increase your chances of winning, you should buy lots of tickets! Don’t settle for submitting one or two applications. Plan on submitting 10 to 20 to 30 or more and then plan to do so again in the future!

It Isn’t Easy, but It Could Be Worth It!

Applying for scholarships takes lots of time, but so too do part-time jobs and paying off student loans. Devote your time to this task now to avoid the pain of working to pay your expenses later. Should you win some extra money, it will be worth the effort. 

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