Confucius Says, “Try Your Luck With Scholarships!”


September 29 is Confucius Day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Confucius, he was one of the first great philosophers. Born in China during 551 B.C., Confucius was a teacher, a politician, and a scholar. Throughout his life, he gave us nearly 500 famous sayings. Many of these can now be found in fortune cookies, but there was one lost nugget of advice that we stumbled upon while researching this wise man — Confucius says, “Try your luck with scholarships!” Who knew that he would have the foresight to encourage high school and college students to search for free money for college? We can only guess that getting an education back then literally cost an arm and a leg. Thank goodness students today don’t have to give a pound of flesh to earn their diploma, but it’s still a fairly expensive endeavor. With this in mind, we pay homage to Confucius by providing this short list of easy scholarships that require nothing more than just a bit of luck to win.

New School Year’s Resolution Scholarship

Current high school students are eligible to apply for this $500 scholarship. It just takes a sentence or two to complete. Deadline: September 30.

scholarship luckChegg $1,000 Monthly Scholarship

Here’s another easy scholarship for high school students that only requires three sentences to win. A new winner is selected every month. Deadline: Varies.

$2,000 No Essay Scholarship

High school, college students, and adult learners may be eligible for this scholarship. No essay required. Winners are chosen by a random drawing every month. Deadline: Last Day of the Month.

Easy College Money Scholarship

For those who detest writing essays, here’s another $1,000 scholarship that requires no work at all to win. High school and college students are eligible to apply. A new winner is chosen each month. Deadline: Last Day of the Month.

‘Go Ennounce Yourself’ Scholarship

Each month, a $500 scholarship is awarded to a high school junior, senior, or college undergraduate student (excluding seniors) through this simple scholarship program. Deadline: Last Day of the Month.

easy scholarship moneyGotChosen Monthly Scholarship

Undergraduate students who register with GotChosen will be entered in the monthly random drawing for this $1,000 scholarship. Deadline: Last Day of the Month.

Milton G. Wright Scholarship

Current high school and undergraduate students may apply for this $500 scholarship by completing a short application form. A new winner is selected each month. Only one entry per month is allowed. Deadline: Last Day of the Month.

ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship

Students 13 years of age and older may try their luck with this big scholarship. Students simply need to register and maintain an active account to be eligible for the quarterly drawing. Deadline: December 15. Those who want to have slightly better odds of winning a scholarship should also apply for programs that require a little bit of work, such as the short essay scholarships sponsored by Of course, the best way to find and win scholarships is to register for a free account today and start applying!

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