Finding Scholarships for Graduate Students


Question: “How can I find scholarships for graduate students?”

If you’re like most people, you think about scholarships and think about high school seniors who are looking for the money they need to go to college.  The truth is, there are scholarships for current college students as well, including graduate students. Whether you’re going straight from an undergraduate program into grad school, or you’re returning to school after working for several years, there are plenty of scholarships available. Want to know where to find them? Check out this short video. Getting a graduate degree is a huge undertaking, not to mention…it’s expensive.  Graduate courses are typically more expensive per credit hour than undergraduate courses, so it’s even more important for students to make sure they have the funds they need to cover college expenses.  Graduate students may feel discouraged, or think that there are not as many scholarships available to them as there are for high school seniors or college freshmen, but the truth is, several colleges, universities, and other organizations are willing to provide scholarships for graduates students.  In fact, many scholarships are open to students of all levels, so long as they have plans to enroll in an accredited institution. It is important that graduate students check with their college or university to see if there is any financial aid available for students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.  Of course, the best method is to use an online scholarship search service, such as, to find a list of graduate scholarships that are just right for you.  Just be sure to specify that you are a graduate or doctoral student on your profile, and you just might be surprised to see how many awards you are eligible to receive.  Good luck! For more great tips and info about scholarships, subscribe to our YouTube channel and get new Ask the Experts videos delivered straight to your inbox. Have a question for our scholarship experts? Email [email protected] or leave a comment in the post below. We’ll choose new questions from our readers to feature in upcoming ‘Ask the Scholarship Experts’ videos!

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