FYI: Dean’s List Education Scholarship


money for college Yes, college costs are increasing sharply every year. However, you don’t have to be a victim to the price hikes. Instead, you should stay focused on your studies. Why? Because you could receive a Dean’s List Education Scholarship. Dean’s List Education Scholarships are free money offered by colleges and universities across the country to students who excel academically. Requirements vary depending on the institution. You should expect a prerequisite minimum GPA between 3.0-3.5. The school also may request letters of recommendations from faculty members. In addition, students are usually recognized at graduation for being on the Dean’s List for more than one semester. Some schools even have a special ceremony to celebrate the students’ achievements. You have what it takes to succeed. Once enrolled at your university, visit academic affairs or the financial aid office to obtain a list of the requirements. Below are links to a few schools that offer Dean’s List Education Scholarships. University of North Texas University of Colorado in Denver University of Virginia DePaul University So, are you striving for academic excellence? Tell us about your school’s application process for the Dean’s List Education Scholarship. We want to know! Leave us a comment. Photo Credit

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