How Can I Find Scholarships for Minorities?


Today’s question: “How can I find scholarships for minorities?”

To make the dream of a higher education possible for everyone, more and more organizations are providing scholarships for minority students. But, who is considered a minority student?  You might be surprised to learn that it’s not simply those who come from a specific ethnic background; there are other traits that might be considered, as well. In this YouTube video, Ashley, our scholarship expert, breaks down the different characteristics that may give you access to free money for college. If you are looking for scholarships for minorities, but you’re not sure where to look, try following these steps.
  1. First, understand what a minority is, and try to identify which minority group you might belong to. What characteristics do you have that make you a minority? If any of those characteristics make up less than half of the population, you may be a minority.
  2. Once you identify this information, you can use it to search for scholarships. For example, if you can identify yourself as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority group, you can search for ‘scholarships for African Americans‘ or ‘scholarships for Hispanics.’ If you belong to a gender or sexuality minority group, you can use this information to search for something like, ‘scholarships for women.’  Other minority groups include religious minorities, age minorities, people with disabilities, and more.
  3. Finally, use the Scholarship Directory and browse minority categories to find scholarships that are as unique and diverse as you are.
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