Introducing ‘Shark Tank’ for Scholarships!


Shark TankI am a huge fan of the ABC television show Shark Tank. Each week, I tune in to see what new invention will send Mark Cuban, Mr. Wonderful, and the rest of the millionaires into a feeding frenzy. It’s quite entertaining to see the presenters squirm and stammer, as they try to convince everyone to invest. Although many walk away empty-handed, the exposure alone can help save their product from being shelved, so the stress is definitely worth it. In the past, I have actually tinkered with a few ideas myself.  Two of my ideas include stackable cribs for daycare centers (my husband said they looked like mini-prison cells) and a game that uses professional athlete’s jersey numbers to help teach children simple math problems (What do you get if you add Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning?), but I never did anything with them. Still, I hold out hope that something will give me inspiration and earn me enough money to retire. Have you ever tinkered with the idea of being an entrepreneur or an inventor? Do you think you have something everyone will want to buy? Well, has launched a new scholarship program for 2013 that is sort of the Shark Tank of the scholarship world. They are looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’ and the student who submits the best idea will receive a $1,500 scholarship for college. Here’s the best part, it doesn’t even have to be a real product or even something that could possibly be made, so let your imagination run amok. Who knows, you could make every woman’s day and invent a machine that turns anything into chocolate, or you could create the first commercial transport to Mars; the sky is the limit! If you want to learn more about the scholarship program, including rules and how to apply, visit the website. The deadline to enter is February 28, so get those creative juices flowing and submit your idea for a chance to win!

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