How to Get a Law Scholarship


Law scholarships help students bring their dreams of becoming a lawyer, attorney, judge, politician, professor, or other type of legal professional to fruition. After all, for law students, the price of education can become quite steep. In many cases, law students face the following challenges every semester: 

  • Paying the high costs of tuition, books, and school supplies
  • Paying for housing, housing expenses, transportation, and food
  • Juggling a part- or full-time job with long hours of studying and attending classes
  • Balancing work with play and finding time for friends, family, and leisurely activities

Putting the pieces together to become a graduate of law school can be daunting. Luckily, securing scholarships to help pay for school and other expenses can help.

Who Offers Law Scholarships?

Ultimately, entities interested in helping students develop high-quality legal skills and knowledge contribute money to scholarship pots. Legacy and memorial foundations, professional associations, nonprofits, social organizations, law firms, governmental agencies, and schools are just some entities willing to put their money in the game.

How Can I Qualify for a Law Scholarship?

What qualifies you to win a law scholarship varies across the spectrum of opportunities. However, here are some possible qualifications you might have to meet:

  • You might have to be studying a particular type of law, such as nonprofit, sports, or criminal defense law
  • You might have to be attending either an undergraduate or a graduate program
  • You might be required to be a resident of a particular state
  • You might need to be attending a particular school
  • You might have to be a first-generation college student, or the first person in your family to go to college
  • You might have to be of a certain race or ethnicity

No matter the scholarship, you’ll likely have to have a strong GPA and otherwise healthy academic record to be a contender.

Make Applying for Scholarships Your Job

The more time you put into applying for (and winning!) scholarships, the less time you’ll have to spend earning wages to pay for school. Let this be your incentive for devoting the time and care necessary now to be a competitive applicant for scholarships. Given that you’ll be potentially competing against hundreds or even thousands of other law students, you’ll want to craft applications that demonstrate your uniqueness and dedication to being a great student and professional. And, of course, apply for as many scholarships as possible. The more quality applications you submit, the more chances you’ll have to reduce the price you pay for school out of pocket.

Other Possibilities to Consider When Applying for Scholarships for Law School

Keep in mind that to go to law school on scholarships, you can also tap into other scholarship sources. Do you play an instrument or sport? Do you have a particularly strong and unique academic record? Are you a first-generation college student or a student of a particular race or ethnicity? If so, you can use our site to find scholarships in these and other areas, too.

Use Unigo to Take Your Next Step

We offer you access to tons of law scholarships. Simply browse through your options and see which ones fit your bill. Then apply and continue the journey toward finding award money for school. Good luck!

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