What are Major-Specific Scholarships and how to win one?


You’re one of the lucky ones! You’ve known what you’ve wanted to be since you started high school. Maybe even before. A writer, an artist, an engineer, a teacher, a musician, a nurse, or a lawyer. What makes you lucky is that by knowing what you want to major in enables you to apply for many scholarships. Many universities, colleges, and organizations award scholarships to students pursuing a specific major. Extra money, that is, to ease the financial burden of college.

If you know your field of study, you can use that information to search for a major-specific scholarship on Unigo. By searching the scholarship directory, you can find tons of scholarships related to your field of study. And even if you’re still undecided on what major you want to study, a peek at the scholarship opportunities may give you the direction you’re looking for. Check it out!

What are Major-Specific Scholarships

Quite simply, major-specific scholarships are investments in a student’s future. These scholarships are most useful to encourage students to gain skills and pursue job opportunities in a variety of fields. In 2015, President Obama created an initiative to encourage more major-specific scholarships. The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program, originally created in 1964 to recognize graduating seniors for their accomplishments – including leadership, service to their school, and academic success –was expanded in 1979 to recognize distinguished students in the visual, creative, and performing arts, then again in 2015 to include careers in technical fields.  Thus, there are an increasing number of state and federal grant programs aimed at specific majors.

Many college campuses receive donations from alumni to create scholarship funds for students pursuing a specific major. These awards vary in amounts – some fields have a higher earning potential and the respective departments may have more money, such as business or nursing schools. Add to that, national organizations and companies affiliated with specific majors also offer scholarships.

No matter where your passion lies, you will find a variety of scholarship opportunities that are targeted to your specific major. Investments in your future await!

Examples of Major-Specific Scholarships

For those pursuing major-specific scholarships, you have many scholarships from which to choose. Hundreds of scholarships are available – some awards may be small, others may offer more. Do your research with us right here on Unigo, where you can compare and contrast the available major-specific scholarships. Here are a few examples of scholarships by major:

Applying for Scholarships

Everyone likes money! So, as with all scholarships, competition is high for the few awards that are given out. Most scholarship require you to submit examples of your work as well as an essay.

Accompanying essays and applications are also extremely important in the application process. This means that excellent writing skills are essential for those applying for scholarships. Not only do you need standout writing skills for your application, but you need good writing skills to score well on the SAT or ACT. Superb writing will improve your chances of winning. Remember to be original and tell a good story.

The 4 Keys to Winning the Major-Specific Scholarship Prize

You’ve found major-specific scholarships by searching the Unigo directory. You want to win, right? Scholarships are awarded to students who not only demonstrate passion and commitment to their chosen major but also to students who are in good academic standing in their high school, who follow the application directions, and who submit an organized application that showcases their best work.

Consider the following 4 five guidelines that will help you win a scholarship:

  1. Keep your grades up – If you really want to win a scholarship, you have to keep up your grades – not only in classes related to your major but in all classes. It’s part of taking yourself seriously – you’ll be judged on your overall academic career, so keep those grades up.
  2. Pay attention to detail and organization – Each scholarship has specific instructions and requirements. Remember to read carefully and know what you need to submit. Is an essay required? What’s the best way to submit my work? Is there a minimum or maximum word count? Attention to detail is essential! Plus, make sure your submission is organized neatly.
  3. Use correct spelling – Most applications will require an essay. Once you’ve finished, be sure to spell check. After you spell check, be sure to proofread your document to make sure every word is spelled correctly and that it makes sense. Even better, have someone look it over with fresh eyes to catch any typos you might have missed.
  4. Be the best – No matter the size of the reward, take each scholarship you apply for seriously. The more scholarships you win the more money you will have. Be the best, be a winner, and make it happen!

Get Started with Unigo!

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