The Recession & Your College Plans


College & the Recession America’s economic recession is affecting everyone, even students. A survey released by Longmire & Company, an educational consulting firm, reported that the recession is forcing more than 70 percent of prospective students to change their college plans. Based on the survey results, 53 percent of students were considering attending a less expensive college, and 47 percent were planning to get a job as freshmen. Incoming students also are likely to seek financial aid counseling (43 percent) and to borrow more money (38 percent). Despite the gloomy statistics, there is still hope for you to conquer these short-term obstacles. You possess unique talents and skills that can open doors to numerous opportunities, including scholarships and internships. Here are a few tips to help you stay afloat during these hard times: 1. Stay at Home Yes, this option to stay home with your family may be uncool, but it is cost effective. Embrace your folks! Learn the balance between school and family. You may be surprised by the respect your parents give you while transitioning into a successful adult. So, be conscious of your financial situation. Staying home may be a great choice for you. 2. Secure a Virtual Internship Internships are the gateway to learning new skills and becoming marketable in the workforce. Instead of taking the traditional route, gain an internship online. You will earn valuable expertise without the hassle of paying for gas or parking. offers excellent opportunities! 3. Build Money Saving Habits During this economic downturn, focus on learning how to save the money you do have. If you have a part-time job, attempt to stash away $10 per week. It may not be much, but you will develop a habit of saving. You also may consider attending any free financial planning seminars in your local area. You control your destiny. Don’t let the recession be your excuse to give up. Keep trying! We want to know your great plans. Tell us! Leave a comment today.  

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