The truth about full-ride scholarships

Today, we are focusing on the elusive full-ride scholarship. Yes, you heard that correctly – we said “elusive” because while they are out there, full-ride scholarships can be more challenging to obtain. We didn’t say it was impossible, but winning one of these awards may not be as easy as you might think. Thankfully, our scholarship specialist, Tiffany, is here to give you the inside scoop. So, sit back and enjoy the video!

You’ve worked really hard throughout high school and earned good grades, but even that may not be enough to land a full-ride scholarship. In fact, only 20,000 students each year will receive one of these coveted awards. That’s less than one percent of all students attending college, which means you are up against some serious competition. Scholarship providers will not only be looking at your unweighted grade point average (GPA), but also your community service work, leadership roles, and other qualifications. The majority of full-ride scholarship are offered through colleges and universities, so you’ll also need to be accepted for admission to be considered for the award. If you’re hoping for a private, full-ride scholarship, the competition is even more intense, with students competing for an estimated 250 awards. We’re not trying to discourage you, but we want to be sure you set realistic expectations. It’s important that you look into other funding sources, such as grants and work-study programs, as well as applying for other types of scholarships. Don’t forget to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), too; it’s the key to low-interest federal student loans and institutional financial aid. Remember, aim for the stars and shoot for the moon – just be sure you’re not only banking on a full-ride scholarship for school because even if you graduate at the top of your class, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one of those 20,000 golden tickets to college.

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