The Weirdest Scholarship in America


Every year, there are tons of posts about weird scholarships. There’s the Stuck at Prom Scholarship where students make their outfits from Duck Tape®, and let’s not forget the duck calling scholarship, which has been mentioned so many times it’s just not weird anymore. Of course, no list is ever complete without adding the Kor Memorial Scholarship, simply because those who speak Klingon can use their talent to win it, although it’s not the only language eligible for the award. Last year, jumped into the fray with the Zombie Apocalypse and Flavor of the Month scholarships. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, the zombie scholarship was made for you. Of course, I personally love the Flavor of Month because I have an excuse to sample ice cream. I haven’t found anything called ‘A Hot Mess’ yet, so my search continues. Now, has done it again and launched a totally new scholarship that may just be the weirdest award I have ever seen. Say hello to America’s weirdest scholarship– the Fifth Month. I’ve seen my share of truly strange scholarship prompts, but this one had me shaking my head and saying, ‘What?’ In this new program, students (13 and older) are asked to write a letter to the number five. Yes, you heard me right, the number five. At first, I thought I could be smart and simply write a letter, you know, like the letter ‘A’ or ‘Z’, but I felt that was probably too obvious or not enough words. Then, I started to think. What can you talk to the number five about? I guess you could ask if four and six are good neighbors or how it feels to be only half perfect (Get it?), but that too seemed a bit simplistic. I spent hours trying to think of what I could possibly tell the number five that would be interesting and entertaining, but nothing came to mind; I guess it’s a good thing that I can’t apply, or I might still be pulling out my hair trying to come up with a witty response. If you, however, know what to write, it could earn you a cool $1,500 for college. Just be sure to submit your short essay (250 words or less) by May 31. Who knows? You could be the winner of the weirdest scholarship in America!

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