Wanted: Sleepy Students to Win a $1,500 Scholarship


Do you struggle to stay awake during boring class lectures or long nights of studying? Are you able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere at any time of the day? Does your mind wander, or do you find yourself daydreaming? Congratulations. You are probably like 99 percent of the high school and college students we know. It never seems like you can get enough sleep, although your parents would probably argue otherwise. Well, tell mom and dad to cut you some slack because your skill at taking a siesta on a frequent basis may actually help you win a college scholarship. How you ask? Read on … This month, ScholarshipExperts.com is offering its “I Have a Dream” Scholarship. I’m betting several of you probably thought this scholarship had something to do with Martin Luther King, right? sleepy studentWell, if you want to write about his dream and how it relates to your future aspirations, that’s perfectly acceptable. But, if you really want to stand out and have a good chance at winning the $1,500 award, it’s time to reach into those dark corners of your mind and share your inner-most dreams. I’m talking about those times you woke up and muttered “WTF” or felt a sudden burst of inspiration from something that danced across you cerebral movie projector. Whether scary, funny, or just down-right weird, it’s those unique dreams that will really get the scholarship committee’s attention. Of course, you’ll want to do a little research before you draft your written response (250 words or less), so be sure to take plenty of naps and sleep in whenever possible. And, don’t forget to keep a journal and pen handy. You’ll want to write down anything interesting as soon as you wake up. Just be sure you don’t oversleep and miss the scholarship deadline. If you fail to submit your application online before January 31 (11:59 p.m. EST), your dream of winning the $1,500 will never be realized. Who can enter? U.S. citizens and legal residents (50 states and the District of Columbia) who are 13 years or older may apply. This includes high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as non-traditional students who plan to enroll in college no later than 2021. If earning a college degree is one of your dreams, the $1,500 “I Have a Dream” Scholarship could help make it a reality.

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