You Don’t Need Brains to Win This Zombie Scholarship


There are only three days left before The Walking Dead returns to television, and the anticipation is killing us! Where’s Beth, and who took her? How will Rick and company get out of Terminus? And, why was Carol strolling with zombies in the teasers? Thankfully, all these questions will soon be answered. The show is also returning just in time to give you some inspiration for what may be one of the best scholarships ever created — the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship. This is the third year that has offered the award, and we’ve bumped up the prize money to $2,000! Want to know the best part? You don’t have to be the head of your class or even in serious financial need to win this zombie scholarship; a little bit of creativity is all that’s required. But, before you submit your entry for this ghoulish award, heed our warnings to ensure your application has what it takes to survive.

walking dead scholarship1. Keep It Real

The scholarship prompt states that zombies have taken over your high school or college campus, so be sure your story/essay takes place in one of these locations. It’s also very important that any of the five items you select can be found at your school. This means arming yourself with a crossbow (we love you Daryl!) or stealing a tank is probably not feasible. Thankfully, there are still plenty of great weapons to be found (or made), if you use your imagination. Close your eyes and try to envision where you are when the zombies swarm. If you’re near the gym or ROTC room, you can easily find something to arm yourself or protect yourself from deadly bites. Even the cafeteria or restrooms can offer some protection. Just be creative, and keep it real.

2. Engage the Reader

Nothing is more boring than spitting back the scholarship prompt or simply listing the five items you intend to use. If you want a real shot at winning the $2,000, you’ll need to get creative and engage your reader. This can be done in a variety of ways other than a basic academic essay. Remember, you only have 250 words to work with, so think outside the box. Maybe you can use the five items to create a haiku? If you like music, consider turning your response into a catchy song refrain. Should you go with a traditional essay, make sure it tells a story and keeps your reader’s interest.

3. Follow the Rules

As we said previously, your written response must be 250 words or less. If it is 251 words or more, you’ll be disqualified, so double-check your word count before hitting the submit button. Review your work to verify it includes the five necessary items for survival, a place where you plan to hide (or make your last stand), and actually takes place at your school. If your submission meets these guidelines, it should be good to go. Another thing you’ll want to double-check is your eligibility to apply for the scholarship.
  • Are you a legal U.S. resident?
  • Are you at least 13 years of age or older?
  • Are you currently enrolled or planning to enroll in college by 2020?
zombie apocalypse scholarshipIf you answered “yes” to all these items, go ahead and enter — if you dare. Just be sure you use the online portal and apply no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on October 31. We know there’s a lot going on this month and Halloween is just around the corner, so do yourself a favor and start working on your entry right now. Who knows? Your plan to outwit the zombies may not only earn you money for college, but also help save your fellow students from imminent destruction. Good luck, and may the fighting spirit of Rick Grimes be with you!

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