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Help! Lost Scholarship! What To Do Now?

By Tamara I bet you thought that applying for scholarships was the hardest part of winning free money for college, right? Guess again. Although it does take some time to complete scholarship applications and craft those amazing essays, keeping them c [...]

How Do Scholarships Work?

By Tamara You just received your college tuition bill and realize that you still need about $3,000 to cover all your expenses. Worst of all, the money is due in three weeks. Unfortunately, your parents are tapped out and your bank account is com [...]

4 Tips On How To Get More Financial Aid Money

By Tamara Krause If you’re the parent of a high school senior, I’m betting that you’re a bundle of nerves right about now. Not only are you anxiously awaiting college acceptance letters, but also trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for [...]

Left-Handed Twins Need Apply: Cool scholarships and how to get them

Here are a few lesser-known, and creative, awards that you might also want to consider.

10 scholarships for non-traditional students

By Tamara There are many reasons why students may choose not to enroll in college directly after high school. Maybe they did not have the financial means to cover the cost of a college education, or perhaps they just needed an academic break. So [...]