Let's Play Bust-a-Scholarship-Myth!

By Tamara
You've probably come across several of the long-standing scholarship myths that linger on the Internet, like the oneĀ that claims millions in scholarship dollars goes unclaimed each year. Although it's not entirely false, it is very misleading. Yes, some scholarships are not disbursed, but not because they are secret or nobody applied; in most cases, the scholarship criteria was too narrow or the pool of applicants did not yield an eligible match. Another common myth is that you have to be under 24 to win any scholarships. This is totally false. There are oodles of scholarship programs that helpĀ adult learners and non-traditional students pay for college. Wondering what other scholarship myths may be stretching the truth? Check out this week's post from Unigo.com, "5 Common Scholarship Myths Busted."