Scholarships for average white males & everyone else!

By Tamara

At least once a day, I see some tweet from a guy about how he can’t find any scholarships for average white males. Apparently, he hasn't been looking very hard because there are tons of opportunities out there. I think many guys simply make the mistake of not taking the time to read the eligibility requirements, otherwise they would realize that most programs are open to just about everyone, including the average Joe. I know it may seem as though many of the scholarships are targeting the top academic students or those from a minority backgrounds, but it’s just as easy to find awards that grant free money for artistic talent or even social media skills. Maybe, they should spend a little less time complaining and more time actually searching for scholarships. In fact, I'll make it easy for them by listing a few scholarships they can start applying to now.


1. Chegg Monthly Scholarship

Forget about grades or anything else, this $1,000 monthly contest is awarded based solely on the short response (2-3 sentences) to the scholarship prompt. Students get a new chance to win every month, so there’s really no excuse for not taking a few minutes to try their luck. Deadline: Ongoing.

2. Scholarship

Current college students and recent graduates simply need to complete a short survey about their college experience to enter this $2,500 scholarship contest. Winners are selected based on a short response in the survey about what advice they would have given themselves in high school. Deadline: July 31.

3. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

High school and college students may apply for this $1,000 scholarship. Students must submit a short essay (250 words or less) on the topic of their choice. Deadline: July 31.

4. Video Contest Scholarship

For those who prefer to express themselves in video, here’s a $3,000 scholarship. Students must also register for a free account with the website and complete their profile. Deadline: July 31.

5. Why My School Rocks Contest

Beginning July 30, students can submit their essay and video entries on one of the five topics listed. Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 19. Three awards, valued between $300 and $800, will be offered. Deadline: October 22.

6. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Here’s a scholarship that’s sure to please any guy! Applicants must simply submit a short essay (250 words or less) explaining how they would survive a zombie apocalypse at their high school or college. Any U.S. student, 13 years or older, is eligible to apply. Deadline: October 31. There are many ongoing scholarship contests, such as the 'No Essay Scholarship' and 'A GPA Isn't Everything Scholarship,' which are open to students regardless of their grades, economic status or ethnic background. Students should also look for creative contests (painting, music, writing, etc.) or other awards that may be suited to their specific talents or extracurricular activities. There really are plenty of scholarship opportunities for average students, they just need to take the initiative and start looking for them.