Center for Alcohol Policy Essay Contest

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Amount Awarded


Application Deadline

January 17

Awarded By

Center for Alcohol Policy

Award Amount

Cash prizes are awarded as follows: first place, $5,000; second place, $2,500; third place, $1,000.


Three awards offered annually.

Additional Information

All submissions will go through an initial screening process. All eligible submissions will be reviewed by three screening judges. Finalists from this process then will be given to a panel of judges who will judge each essay on its analysis of the question, the depth of this analysis, the readiness of the essay for publication, the quality of the writing, the originality of the topic and the analysis used, the thoroughness of the research, and its overall ability to creatively and effectively discuss the given essay topic. No relatives of individuals working for the Center for Alcohol Policy, its leadership, or contest judges are eligible to submit entries for this contest. Any interested person working for a government entity must certify their ability to enter and win this contest prior to submitting an essay and comply with appropriate ethics laws.

Deadline Info

Entry forms are available online on the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) website. To enter the contest, the student must prepare an essay on the current year's topic, which is posted on the CAP websit ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.

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