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January 28

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The Point Foundation

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The average individual scholarship amount is $10,000 annually, non-renewable. A previous recipient may reapply. Point Scholarships are awarded on a "last provider" basis. Point fills in the gaps and provides funds not provided by other scholarships, grants, loans, work/study programs, etc. It is the responsibility of those selected as Point Scholars to secure as much outside funding as possible. Point is not intended to be, and cannot be, the sole source of support because there is no guarantee that the financial support will be the same each year, nor will it be provided each year. The scholarship amounts funded by Point each year depends on other financial support that Point Scholars receive from individuals, other foundations or grants, as well as the financial health of Point.


The number of awards varies annually. Last year 36 awards were offered.

Additional Information

The Point Scholarship covers tuition, books, supplies, room and board, transportation and living expenses, and is set up with the individual college to meet the needs of the Point Scholar. Each person who applies for a Point Scholarship is evaluated on the totality of their situation. Marginalization, financial need, academic achievement, personal merit, leadership, involvement in the LGBTQ community, professional experiences, personal and future goals are all taken into consideration. Each finalist must interview with Point's Board of Regents and members of the executive management staff in person in San Francisco. Interviews are coordinated by Point and will take place between April 26 and April 28. The cost for transportation, lodging and meals are covered by Point.

Deadline Info

The scholarship application must be completed online at The Point Foundation (TPF) website. Each applicant must create a login using his/her email address and a password of his/her choice in order to ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.

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