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Are There Archery Scholarships for College?

Many collegiate archery programs and national archery programs offer archery scholarships. A scholarship is financial aid that you don’t repay. You may also apply if you plan to compete in college archery.

Most funding is for high school students who plan to take part in varsity archery teams. There are 21 schools that sponsor these teams in 2019 to 2020. 

Archery is one of the oldest sports that requires precision, control, and determination. However, it is not an official sport of the NCAA or NAIA. Back in the Stone Age, the archer’s bow and arrow was a useful tool for hunters and in combat. 

Then, target archery became an official Olympic sport in the early 1900’s. Many scholarship providers offer funding based on your skill set and competition. 

Some awards go to those who show financial need and athletic ability. Others may assess your grades and look for applicants with a specific GPA range. Colleges and organizations such as National Field of Archery Association offer archery scholarships.

10 Archery Scholarships You Can Apply For Now

College scholarships for archery exist though award amounts vary. Some providers also offer funding to graduating high school seniors who took part in ‘school sports’. So, even if the award does not specify archery, you may be able to qualify and apply. 

While you’re hitting the range regularly, don’t forget to apply for the following archery scholarships. 

  1. Easton Foundation/NFAA Scholarship
  2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation for the Advancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment
  3. NASP Bullseye Award
  4. NASP On Target for Life Courage Award
  5. Pride Foundation Varsity Athletics Scholarship
  6. $2,000 Outdoor Sports Scholarship 
  7. Caroline Hines Memorial Scholarship
  8. $2,500 SportsHi College Scholarship
  9. Bow Inc. Outdoor Skills Scholarship
  10. Outdoors Enthusiast Scholarship

What Colleges Have Archery Scholarships?

16 U.S. colleges have collegiate archery and offer archery scholarships for student athletes. Emmanuel College, University of Wisconsin, Midway University and University of the Cumberlands are some schools with scholarships for archers. You may find other scholarship programs listed with hunting and outdoor activities.

For example, Michigan State has a very competitive archery team with lots of wins. There is a shooting club and civilian marksmanship program too. These programs may offer scholarships to attract new team members. 

Many collegiate archery programs are varsity teams or archery clubs. Teams compete under the bylaws of USA Archery and are coed. 

Students may participate in either outdoor target, indoor target, field, or 3D archery. Both women and men compete in their sport in one of four divisions: barebow, recurve, compound, and bowhunter. Each division has different rules, uses distinct equipment and aiming styles.

Emmanuel College

Located in Franklin Springs, Georgia, Emmanuel College has a coed varsity NCAA Division II archery program. They compete under the USA Archery umbrella of intercollegiate play. Student athletes may be eligible for an academic scholarship as well. But only if they meet the NCAA criteria for exempted Academic Aid. Incoming freshmen need a 3.5 or higher high school GPA, 1140 Math and Critical Reading (older version), and 1210 Math and Evidence Based Reading and Writing combined (revised version), of top 20% of the graduating class. Transfer students need a 3.3 cumulative GPA.

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point College of Natural Resources

One of the scholarships available to undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin is from the BOW Inc. Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) is a nonprofit, educational, outdoor skills program. It teaches women how to hunt, fish, shoot and take part in other recreational activities like canoeing and camping. The amount ranges from $500 to $1,000 and goes to a student who actively teaches others the skills offered through BOW workshops.

Midway University

Midway is a member of the Unites States Collegiate Archery Association (USCA). So, it takes part in the River States Conference (RSC). Archery is one of the sports that student athletes may receive scholarships for. To qualify, you must be a full time undergraduate student. Eligible applicants may blend an athletic and merit award. But, there is a cap on the funding.

University of the Cumberlands

University of the Cumberlands may recruit archers at S3DA competitions during the year. Students who perform well are able to hit the bullseye by securing an archery scholarship. Awards may be given based on your archery abilities. Also, both the athletic staff and Financial Aid Office determine your eligibility to receive one. These scholarships are limited in number by regulation and institutional policy.

Scholarships from Archery Associations and Competitions

Many associations offer archery scholarships for college students who participate in archery competitions during the year.

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

JOAS is a program of USA Archery that helps archers either enjoy the sport as a recreational activity or progress to compete. They offer barebow, recurve and compound archers the chance to learn range safety and shooting skills. 

Programs are open to those aged 8 to 20 and offer classes that get more complex as a young archer develops their skills. Youth All Access members are eligible to join a USA Archery JOAD or Collegiate Club. 

Each year at the JOAD National Target Championships, youth archers from all over the country compete for medals and scholarships. Scholarships go to top finishing male and female archers in recurve, compound and barebow divisions who are US Archery members belonging to a JOAD club.

National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) 

NASP ® is an in school program that aims to boost educational performance among students in grades 4th to 12th. Students learn focus, self control, discipline, patience, and other lessons that may help them to be successful in the classroom and in life. These knowledge units aim to fit into a school’s archery program and teach students how to shoot a bow and arrow. Students take these classes within their school’s physical education program. Schools that follow these standards may compete at regional and national levels. 

Bullseye Award

As a member of a local NASP ® team, you may receive a nomination for a Bullseye Award. This award is for one NASP ® student that has made notable positive growth in school and with their involvement with the archery program. Eligible recipients may receives a $500 scholarship. 

Courage Award 

This individual award is for a NASP® student that has overcome a major life event or disability while continuing to inspire others through their participation. The award includes a $500 scholarship.  

The National Field Archery Association Foundation (NFAA)

The NFAA is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to archery and one of the largest organization of its kind. It’s also a member of the International Field Archery Association and a national allied organization of USA Archery. 

There are affiliate associations in many states. For example in 2019, the South Dakota Archers Association (SDAA) awarded $1,700 in travel scholarships. Four junior archers at took home these awards at an indoor state tournament in Yankton, SD. 

NFAA competition divisions include Cub, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, Master Senior, and Professional. They also host national championship tournaments for outdoor field, outdoor target, indoor, and marked 3D­ each year. Membership allows you to compete in these events, certified instructor programs and more. 

ESDF NFAA Scholarship Program

These awards are from the Easton Foundation and the NFAA. The grants range from $500 to $5,000 and go to student archers who are in competitive archery programs. The max amount of all scholarships for the first three years will be $50,000 per year. 

One of the goals of the awards is to provide half of the scholarships to recurve archers and half to compound archers. A secondary goal will be to split the scholarships equally between men & women. 

To qualify you must be a member of the NFAA or the NAA / USA Archery. If you’re a high school applicant, you must be applying to be a full time student at a two or four year college or technical school with a 2.0 GPA. 

College students must also be full time and need a 2.5 GPA whether at a two year or four year college. JOAD, NASP, junior high, or high school freshman/sophomore archers may also qualify.

Nevada Bow Hunters Association

The NBHA awards an annual scholarship to worthy young archers from Nevada. To apply you must download the application, fill it out and email it. The scholarship recipient must be a member in good standing of the NFAA, a Nevada resident, and enrolled in a higher education program.

USA Archery

USA Archery offers many archery scholarships, grants and awards to its dedicated members. Members may compete and are eligible for tuition discounts at Devry University.

All Around Archer of the Year Award

This award program is on hold due to COVID. But when it resumes, the award goes to outstanding collegiate archers. That status takes into account how one places at U.S. National Championships. The awards go to one athlete in each gender and division. Male and Female, Barebow, Bowhunter, Compound and Recurve.

All American Team Award

The All American Team is made up of the top 25% of archers in each Division and Class. Recipients must take part in both USA Archery Indoor Nationals and USA Archery Collegiate Target Nationals in the same division.

Why You Should Take a Shot at an Archery Scholarship?

Many collegiate archery programs and national associations want to help pay for student athletes college education. Scholarships are perfect to cover many college expenses as you focus on sharpening your archery skills and studies. The number of scholarships given out every year may vary. You should apply to as many as you can if you qualify for them.

Here are some reasons to apply for archery scholarships below:

  • Archers Bow Equipment cost hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • A scholarship is not a loan so you don’t have to pay it back with interest
  • It doesn’t cost you anything to apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for
  • Receiving a scholarship offsets tuition and fees at college
  • Having a college degree may help you earn more during your lifetime

Easton Foundation/NFAA Scholarship

The ESDF-NFAA Scholarship Program awards grants of $500 – $5,000 to student archers participating in competitive archery programs. Scholarships may also be awarded to Olympic, PanAmerica and World Team members who have graduated from college.

Total: $50000

Awards: 1

Deadline: December 31

University of the Cumberlands Athletic Scholarship

University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky offers Athletic Scholarships. These renewable awards are offered in both men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletics in accordance with the regulations of the NAIA and the Mid-South Conference. Click here to learn more and apply today!

Total: $1000

Awards: 1

Deadline: December 31

Caroline Hines Memorial Scholarship

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers the Caroline Hines Memorial Scholarship which are one year awards of $1,000 that go to qualified junior marksmen. Click to learn more and apply today!

Total: $3000

Awards: 3

Deadline: March 20

CGA Scholarship Awards

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) through a donation from the Garand Collectors Association (GCA) offers 15 scholarships of up to $3,000 each for student athletes who are high school seniors currently enrolled in a team or club that takes part in marksmanship competitions.

Total: $45000

Awards: 15

Deadline: March 20

NBHA Scholarship

The Nevada Bow Hunters Association (NBHA) awards one scholarship to a member in good standing of the NFAA, a Nevada resident, and enrolled in a higher education program. Click to learn more and apply today!

Total: $1000

Awards: 1


MSAA Scholarship Program

The Minnesota State Archery Association offers two scholarships each of $500 to graduating high school students who are academically successful and who can also demonstrate a sincere interest in the sport of archery. Click to learn more and apply today!

Total: $1000

Awards: 2

Deadline: June 15

Last day to enter is November 30!
$5,000 Niche November Scholarship