Archery Scholarships

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What are Archery Scholarships

An archery scholarship is financial aid that you don’t repay. If you plan to compete in college archery, you may be able to apply. Most funding is for high school students who plan to participate in varsity archery teams. There are 21 schools that sponsored these teams in 2019-20.

Archery is one of the oldest sports but is not an official sport of the NCAA or NAIA. Back in the Stone Age, the archer’s bow and arrow was a tool for hunters and in combat. The precision this takes turned target archery into an Olympic sport in the early 1900’s. Now there are archery scholarships for students who compete in national competitions and join a collegiate varsity team.

Some archery awards go to those who show financial need and athletic ability. Others may assess your grades and look for applicants with a specific GPA range. As a rule, you may have to contact the head archery coach or financial aid office of your college for more details.