Washington State Need Grant (SNG)

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Washington Student Achievement Council

Award Amount

The award amount varies based on the type of institution the student attends. Maximum award amounts range from $2,823 to $10,868, if enrolled full time. Detailed information on the award amounts is available online at readysetgrad.org/college/state-need-grant. Please note: Actual SNG award amounts may vary due to individual campus awarding policies and available funds. Students must reapply for funding each year. The student cannot exceed five years of SNG term usage or 125 percent of enrolled program length.


Approximately 71,000 grants will be given in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Additional Information

The State Need Grant (SNG) program helps the state's lowest-income undergraduate students pursue degrees, hone skills, or retrain for new careers. Students cannot owe a repayment to another student aid program.

Deadline Info

Program information is available from the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) website. Additional information is available on the WSAC "Ready, Set, Grad" website at readysetgrad.org/college/ ... sign up for full scholarship deadline information.

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