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Georgia Public Safety Memorial Grant

This award is available for U.S. undergraduate students who are legal residents of Georgia are attending a Georgia public college, university, or technical institute. The Student must be the natural or adopted dependent child of a Georgia law enforcement officer, fire fighter, EMT, correction officer, or prison guard who was permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty.

Total: $72000

Awards: 18


Georgia HERO Scholarship for Spouses/Children

This award is available to U.S. undergraduate and graduate students who are residents of Georgia residents and are attending an eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia. The student must be the child and/or spouse of a member of the Georgia National Guard or U.S. Military Reserves who served in combat zones.

Total: $8000

Awards: 197


Georgia HOPE Scholarship

This award is available to Georgia high school students who are planning to attend an eligible public, private, or technical college in Georgia. The student must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, or earn a GED and score in the national composite 85th percentile or higher on the SAT or ACT tests.

Total: $1500

Awards: 110000


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