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McMurry University Transfer Trustee Honors Scholarship

U.S. undergraduate college students who plan to transfer to McMurry University in Texas and are accepted into the Honors Program are eligible for this award. Students must score a 27 or higher on the ACT or 1220 or higher on the SAT or be ranked in the top five percent of their class to be eligible for the Honors Program.

Total: $4000

Awards: 20

Deadline: July 15

McMurry University Transfer Scholarship

U.S. undergraduate students who plan to transfer to McMurry University in Texas are eligible for this award. Scholarships are based on grade point average and financial need.

Total: $46000

Awards: 20

Deadline: July 15

McMurry University International Student Scholarship

This award is available for international high school seniors who are planning to enroll full time at McMurry University in Texas. Preference will be given to those students who are confessed Christians.

Total: $52000

Awards: 5

Deadline: July 15

McMurry University Honors Scholarship

U.S. graduating high school seniors who have an SAT/ACT score of 1220/27 OR rank in the top 5% of their graduating class are eligible for this award. Students must be accepted for admission to McMurry University and its honors program.

Total: $17000

Awards: 1

Deadline: February 01

Texas Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)

This award is for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students who are Texas residents or are non-Texas residents but are recognized as a National Merit Finalists. Students must be enrolled at least 3/4 time at an eligible private, non-profit colleges or universities in Texas for, and must demonstrate financial need.

Total: $3420

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 01

McMurry University Trustee Honors Scholarship

The McMurry University Honors Program is a four-year honors track. The Trustee Honors Scholarship entails acceptance to and participation in the Honors Program; July 15 application deadline; awarded in addition to a McMurry Transfer Award. The scholarship requires full time enrollment. Annual amount is awarded by semester.

Total: $36000

Awards: 3

Deadline: July 15

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