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Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) Scholarship

This award is available for U.S. college juniors, seniors, or graduate students who are majoring in engineering or physical science (physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, etc.) at an eligible institution.

Total: $10000

Awards: 39

Deadline: March 25

R. Marlin Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition for Planning Students

This writing competition is open to U.S. graduate students pursuing a career in planning. The applicant must attend a school listed in the ‘Guide to Graduate Education in Urban and Regional Planning.’

Total: $2500

Awards: 3

Deadline: June 07

Texas Competitive Scholarship Waiver

This award is available for U.S. and international students who have been awarded a competitive scholarship of at least $1,000 and who plan to attend a public college or university in Texas.

Total: $6604

Awards: 14525


Steven G. King Play Environments Scholarship

This scholarship is open to international and U.S. students who are in their final two years of undergraduate study or are in graduate programs at a LAAB-accredited institution. Students must be studying landscape architecture with a demonstrated interest and aptitude in the design of play environments.

Total: $5000

Awards: 1

Deadline: February 01

TEXAS (Toward Excellence, Access, and Success) Grant Program

This award is available to Texas high school graduates, or undergraduate students who earned an associate degree from a public technical, state or community college in Texas, who are planning to attend a public university in Texas. Students must demonstrate financial need and have an Expected Family Contribution of $5,233 or less.

Total: $4500

Awards: 23362


Dual Medical/Philosophy Degree Waiver (Biomedical Research Scholarship Student Waiver)

This award is for international graduate students who are accepted into a clinical and biomedical sciences program at an eligible public institution in Texas. The student must hold a competitive academic scholarship or stipend from their institutions.

Total: $9590

Awards: 76


Exemption for Children of Disabled or Deceased Firemen, Police Officers, and Other Public Servants

This award is available to Texas resident students who are the children of persons who have been disabled or killed in the line of duty while serving the community. The applicant must apply before his/her 21st birthday.

Total: $12388

Awards: 117


Mexican Citizens with Financial Need – Border Nations Waiver

This award is available for Mexican citizens who are planning to attend a public college or university in Texas. The student must demonstrate financial need.

Total: $9202

Awards: 280


Howard D. Graves Scholarship

U.S. graduating high school seniors or undergraduate students who are residents of the 26 northernmost Texas counties and have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and attend a Texas A&M University are eligible for this award.

Total: $1000

Awards: 1

Deadline: February 12

Exemption for Highest Ranking High School Graduate

This award is for Texas resident high school seniors who graduate as valedictorians from a Texas high school and are planning to enroll in a public Texas college or university.

Total: $5623

Awards: 1083


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